“The kindness and compassion from the staff was incredible. They did not pass judgement and provided excellent care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness” -Sarah M.

“The staff was very nice and I was not looked down upon because of my age. I am really appreciative of your services. Your clinic was one of the few clinics that did not look down on me or disrespect me on the phone due to my age and I strongly respect that. Thank you so much! “ -Sonya T.

“Everyone from reception to RN to MD was kind and comforting. This was my first visit and last and I thought it I was very safe and comforted by the staff. I can’t emphasize any more how pleasant, kind, and comforting the staff was, especially during a difficult time. I did not know what to expect walking in as far as staff and faculty, but by the time I left, I felt reassured and at peace with my decision.” –Marlene M.

“The ultrasound technician and the after care nurses were very nice along with the surgical nurse. The aftercare staff and the nurse in the surgical room were very friendly and helped me feel relaxed and calm. They were truly helpful and caring.” Alexis R.

“All the staff was very friendly and amazing! They made me feel comfortable and did not look down on me. They treated me like family. Even after they called me twice to see how I was doing. You truly have amazing staff at Advantage and they are so nice and sweet. It definitely made my experience not so bad. Even the doctor was very nice. Thank you to all of them.” –Taylor S.

“THANK YOU to the nurse who held my hand. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot thank you enough!” –Alexandra F.

“The staff was extremely kind and made me feel comfortable. I appreciate the kindness and care. My doctors and nurses were comforting. The lady that held my hand was sweet and funny. Thank you!” –Danesha W.

“The staff was very nice, helpful and friendly. It was a better experience than I expected. The staff did a great job keeping me feel comfortable.” – Carla G.