Pregnancy Testing

Free Urine Pregnancy Testing

Advantage Health Care provides patients with free, urine sensitive pregnancy tests. Patients are tested on a walk in basis; thus, appointments for this service are not necessary. Please call our office to inquire about our hours of operation. 630-595-1515

In order to achieve optimal results, a urine pregnancy test should be taken at least one week after a missed period. Taking the test sooner may result in a false negative and the test might have to be repeated. For the best results, the patients who have not yet missed their period are recommended to take a blood pregnancy test.

Advantage Health Care offers low cost blood pregnancy tests that can be scheduled daily by appointment. These tests are extremely effective in detecting pregnancy, even before a missed period. The results are usually available on the next business day. Please call our office to schedule an appointment or to inquire about any questions you may have. 630-595-1515