Abortion Services

The decision to have an abortion is a difficult one. At Advantage Health Care, we put you first to ensure that you are taken care of during this difficult period.

If you decide to end a pregnancy, it is important to understand your abortion options. There are two choices that may be available to you; a Surgical Abortion performed at the clinic or the Abortion Pill, also known as a Medical Abortion.

Learn more about about:

• Surgical Abortion
• Medical Abortion / the Abortion Pill

Whether you choose a surgical abortion or a medical abortion (up to 7 weeks in gestation), we understand that the choice is a difficult one.

All of our procedures are performed by experienced and licensed physicians. Please be aware of accidentally booking an appointment at a misleading pro-life clinic or “women’s center.” Often these “clinics” do not provide abortion services, but instead try to talk women out of a legal abortion.

You can call 630-595-1515 to book your appointment or make it online now.

Advantage Health Care is a proud member of Illinois Abortion Clinics