As an AAAHC accredited, licensed health care facility, we provide the most up-to-date, confidential, low cost abortion services for planning parenthood, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, STD testing and family medicine for our patients. We pride ourselves on giving you the best care and providing enough abortion information regarding medical abortion (the abortion pill or pregnancy termination pill) and surgical abortion. We provide family planning for both first and second trimesters.

All of our Illinois Abortion Clinic procedures are performed by experienced and licensed physicians and our main goal is to make sure our patients are very satisfied with any service we provide them.

Please be aware some clinics are not as they appear. Several supposed “women’s centers” in the area are run by pro-life/anti-choice groups that will try to draw women in with false advertising and then try to talk women out of their legal right to choose.

Feel free to browse our site and read the information provided for you regarding our services and contact us for an appointment! We are conveniently located and easily accessible for the Wood Dale Area and Northwestern Suburbs of Chicago.