Advantage Health Care is an AAAHC accredited, licensed health care facility dedicated to providing our patients with the most up-to-date, confidential, low cost and supportive services available. We realize the most important element of a successful clinic, next to the patients, is the staff. Our employees are trained and certified in their area of specialty. Our doctors and nurses are experienced professionals providing quality & caring health care. Our facility is easily accessible to major tollways and highways, and our main goal is to make sure our patients are 100% satisfied with any service we provide them.

All of our Illinois Abortion Clinic procedures are performed by experienced and licensed physicians.

Be Aware! Some clinics are not as they appear. Several supposed “women’s centers” in the area are run by pro-life/anti-choice groups that will try to draw women in with false advertising and then try to talk women out of their legal right to choose.

Advantage Health Care and its affiliates have been providing women with services they need and the care they deserve for over 20 years.